Message from the President

First and foremost, I would like to thank our Lord Almighty for giving us the strength and inspiration to make the vision of Armor Milling Corporation a realization. Second, to my co-incorporators, who have given their full trust and support to make the establishment of Armor possible, and to the present board of directors and members of the management. To the consumers and loyal patrons of Armor products, and to all our employees who have honestly dedicated their services in this company for quite a long time now, let us continue working together in achieving our noble mission and goals.

Armor Milling Corporation may be a relatively a young player in the field of feed milling industry, but in terms of competence on technology, people and strategies to make its products truly satisfying for the use of its clients, it indeed is not left behind.

The animal feed milling industry is one business area with a lot of challenges, and definitely the competition is tough. The continuous inflation in the raw materials which are still being imported from other countries is a perennial concern that small and young companies like ours need to cope with. However, we should not be overcome by these challenges. Instead, through hardwork and a harmonious working relationship, we can altogether conquer all these. The cooperation among us is indeed very important for the continuous growth of our company, and eventually even that of our economy.

It is with strong hope that in the next years and decades, our cooperation will continue to flourish so that we will enjoy to the fullest all the successes and blessing that God has given us.

President, Armor Milling Corporation